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Governors in Dudley are able to respond to two separate forms of consultation:-

Nationally, we will find a list of current consultations available within the website of the Department for Children, Schools and Families at www.dcsf.gov.uk/consultations/ where there are full details of the consultations and how to respond to them. There are clear outline indications as to the nature of each consultation together, in each case, with the date by which comments should be received.

Locally, and in contrast, we may respond to consultations issued by Dudley’s Directorate of Childrens’ Services, which relate specifically to issues applicable to Dudley schools. These can be found at www.dudley.gov.uk/index.asp?pgid=17359 but many of those to be found there are old with closure dates sometimes two years or more in the past, which makes the site far less user-friendly. However the descriptions of the nature of each consultation are quite clear as are the mechanisms for responding to them.

In general, responses may come either from individuals or from corporate governing bodies …… and sometimes from other sources (e.g. parents, teachers, councillors, students, local groups) which may have an interest in the relevant issues.

DAGB would encourage members to express their concerns about either National or Local issues in this way.