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Who are DAGB?


The Dudley Association of Governing Bodies (DAGB) was created in 1994 in the same year that the (then) National Governors’ Council (NGC) was set up.

It started with a small group of highly committed school governors within the Borough who wanted to have a local measure of control in the running of the Borough’s schools and in shaping the education of children in those schools.

Then, as now, there was no interest in party politics (as such) and, despite changes in the control of the local Council and, indeed, of the National Government, since the time of DAGB’s creation, the Association remains strictly non-party political and non-sectarian.

When first set up, DAGB did receive a measure of tangible support from the Local Authority for which we were indeed very grateful. However the Association is now totally independent of the Authority. This does ensure that, although our wish is to support both the Council and its Officers in the Directorate of Childrens’ Services, we can, if and when necessary, express the corporate views of governors within the Borough so as to challenge actions where governors believe that those actions are not in the best interests of local children and their families.

Members of the Executive regularly meet with local Members of Parliament for the exchange of views on both the local and the national educational scene. We have even met with the (then) Education Minister at Westminster to campaign for better funding for Education within the Borough from the national ‘pot’.

Significantly we are members of the National Governors’ Association (NGA) – the successor to the NGC – and attend meetings with them both in the Midlands and at National level. These activities help to provide us with support and a better level of knowledge, at the same time as allowing us to give support to others.

Significantly, within the Borough, the Director of Childrens’ Services recognises DAGB as the sole channel of communication both to and from governing bodies at the corporate level.


The Association has a number of functions:-
• To enable Dudley Governors to share good practice, exchange ideas and to provide mutual support.
• To represent governing bodies on relevant Forums locally and (as appropriate) Nationally.
• To support the provision of local and accountable services to educational establishments within the Borough in order to maintain (and enhance) the quality and equality of educational opportunity for all.
• To ensure that a dialogue exists with the Directorate of Childrens’ Services on matters affecting Dudley educational establishments.
• To develop collaboration between educational establishments in response to educational circumstances.
• To participate in the activities of the National Governors Association both locally and at the national level

Composition of the Executive

At the Annual General Meeting of the Association, held at the end of the academic year, usually in July, a new Executive is elected to serve for the following twelve months. There are four appointments to be made from each of the five Borough Townships and the constitution requires that (insofar as it be possible) there should be at least one representative from each Township from the Primary sector, at least one from Secondary and at least one from Special.

From their number the Executive elect the officers for the coming year. A complete list of the current Executive is to be found on this website under the reference The Executive (DAGB Profiles)

Membership of the Association

Membership of the Association is open to the Governing Bodies of all educational establishments within the Borough of Dudley, upon payment of an annual subscription, currently set at £37. Currently in excess of 95% of the Governing Bodies within the Authority choose to join. There is no facility for other than corporate membership.

Representing Governors in Dudley

DAGB is responsible for the appointment of governors onto most of the Committees and other representative bodies in the field of Childrens’ Services. The article “Representing You – But Where and How” in the section of this website devoted to Articles (Previous Articles) gives a fairly extensive overview of the provision.

Meetings of the Association

The Association holds a termly meeting (the so-called Area Meeting) to which all governors of member Governing Bodies are cordially invited. The venue for this meeting is deliberately moved around the Borough in an attempt to encourage as many governors as possible to attend. The topic chosen reflects an issue of current importance to as many governing bodies as possible.

Additionally, meetings are held with the Director of Childrens’ Services and Assistant Directors, at Saltwells, on a termly basis, one for Chairs/Vice-Chairs (or their nominees) of schools in the Primary Sector and one for those in the Secondary Sector. Those attending are encouraged to ask any questions they wish of members of the Directorate – where circumstances make it difficult to provide full responses (and this has only happened rarely) then the Directorate undertake to provide a written response for subsequent circulation.

Other meetings are held from time to time – and full (current) details can be found on the section headed Our Schedule (DAGB Calendar) elsewhere on this website.